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My passions are interior design and teaching. My mission is to raise awareness of the influence and role of interior spaces in enhancing our well-being. Places where we live, work and learn should be designed with more focus on a healthy lifestyle, meaningful experiences, and a personal-centric view. As a founder of the Holistic Interiors Design Community, I am committed to 

integrating interior design principles with the psychology of design and neuroscientific research data to support a Holistic Interior Design practice.  

I have worked in the field and focused on providing high-quality Residential, Commercial Interior Design and Real Estate Staging Services.

I work with a team of architects, engineers, carpenters, drapery installers, furniture manufacturers, and other trade specialists. This great team helps me to work harmoniously yet diligently to achieve my client's goals and aspirations. 

I am passionate about my job, where every project brings challenges, creativity, character, charm, and, consequently, sweet rewards after completion. I understand your concerns as a client;

I have been in your shoes! I work with all budgets, and every creation is special to me. I LOVE what I do!


From a Fashion Designer mother and an artistic, entrepreneurial family, I was raised in the world of couture. I worked for 5 years in the high-end women's clothing industry between N.Y.C.  and Miami and 2 years in a multinational corporation as a marketing and sales trainer delivering workshops. After this amazing experience, I started my own interior design business. Over 20 years in the Real Estate field, designing, investing, remodeling, and staging properties for sale. 

I have been studying and implementing Holistic interior design since 2016. I started with the Silver Vase project, where I had the opportunity to apply essential holistic principles and design areas within the building that helps to raise your energy levels to be productive and help you relax when you need to be restored mentally and physically. 

Teaching Interior Design classes at the University of Miami Certificate Program since 2016 and Lead Professor of the Interior Design Program since 2020. President for the Real Estate Staging Association (RESA) Miami Chapter from 2017-2019, together with a group of Staging Professionals, Interior Designers, Architects, and entrepreneurs. I taught the "How to Start Your Staging Business" Workshop in Miami with hands-on field experience. Now, I offer online classes.

Degrees in Fashion Showmanship (Design sets for fashion shows, theater, and visual merchandising displays), Marketing Bachelor's, Interior Design Diploma, and a Master's in International Business.

RESA Approved instructor for the "Staging To Sell, What Every Agent Needs to Know" 2017 - 2020. MCE Class for Real Estate Agents in Florida. Certified Trainer for SPIN (Making Major Sales); MASS (Major Account Sales Strategies) by Neil Rackham.

​Delivered Training Workshops for SCORE/SBA, such as: How to Start Your Own Business. 

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IC Designs by Aimee.JPG

Thankful for the opportunity to share her projects. To her, interior design is not merely an accurate creative process, it's the art of inspiring and evoking unique feelings. "I believe that through coninuous attention to details and balance, I can create timeless interior designs that connect with prople and tell a story while capturing the authentic essence of those who will be interacting in a space."

I.C.  Designs by Aimee

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