3 Days In Class Experience

Location: TBA- To Be Announced 
Dates : To Be Announced - 2020




The HOW TO START YOUR REAL ESTATE STAGING BUSINESS is a workshop designed to walk you through a complete business plan cater to the staging industry and the foundation of the principles and elements of design for you to be able to stage any space no matter the floor plan and architectural style. 

The workshop is divided in three sections/days: The business + The interior design/staging + The practice day! 

At the workshop, you will be provided with all the necessary templates for you to customize and start working as soon as you are ready to launch your staging business! This business plan I will be providing can also assist you with any other start up interior design company. 

In addition, you will obtain a curated list of local interior design furnishings, home accessories and online stores that offer a special discounts to Stagers and Interior Designers.  

I will share valuable information from the Saloni de Mobile Show in Milan, Italy and High Point market trade shows regarding the latest trends within the Interior Design industry that serves Stagers too. 

This workshop will teach you the essentials behind a successful career as a Real Estate Stager.  With my 17 years of experience in the field, I have collected the most relevant information, client's concerns, lessons from mistakes I want you to avoid and methodologies applicable to the lesson plans I will be teaching you. This information will assure you that with the proper education, discipline, determination, and passion for interior design, your dream of becoming a professional stager is possible!

Invest in your future. Do your research and make a decision to educate yourself professionally as a Stager if you are determined to start your own business. Click on my About page to find more information regarding my background and experience. You are welcome to the workshop,  I promise you will learn, have fun and will be ready to market yourself in the industry! I am not selling any extra products or services, I am passionate about teaching and my genuine goal is to educate you within the field. 

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