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2 Days - 16 Hours

Location, Dates, and Time: TBA



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The HOLISTIC INTERIOR DESIGN SEMINAR is designed to walk you through a complete blueprint that explains what a holistic interior design is, how will you apply the principles and elements of design to a holistic project, and how to design in any architectural style for the wellbeing of your mind, body, and spirit. 

At the seminar, you will learn to create surprising interior design proposals exploring all the senses. Textures, sounds, tastes, and smells enhance the perception of a space and create experiences that awaken emotions. We should design spaces that help you heal, grow and develop your full potential. Similar to Feng Shui. 

This seminar will teach you how to develop a holistic interior design home project based on a sensory design from start to finish.

You will see what sensory design is according to neuroscience, how it affects the perception and the behavior of the people who inhabit the space. You will also learn about sensory strategies and how you can apply them to a space to generate emotions that go far beyond the conscious mind.

The blueprint guide I will provide will assist you with any holistic interior design project. In addition, you will obtain a curated list of sustainable/green interior design vendors.  

I will share valuable information from the Saloni de Mobile Show in Milan, Italy, and High Point market trade shows regarding the latest trends within the Sustainable/green Interior Design industry. Sustainable/green practices are a part of holistic interior design. 

With my 20 years of experience in the field, I have collected the most relevant information, client's concerns, lessons from my mistakes, and methodology applicable to a holistic interior design foundation. 

This seminar will assure you that with the proper education, discipline, determination, and passion for interior design, your dream of becoming a professional advocate for holistic interior design is possible!

Click on my About page to find more information regarding my background and experience. You are welcome to the seminar, I promise you will learn, have fun, and will be ready to market yourself in the holistic interior design industry!

I am not selling any extra products or services; I am passionate about teaching and my genuine goal is to educate and advocate for a holistic interior design lifestyle.

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